Saving messages in M-Files Folders

In addition to using the Save to M-Files function, you can save messages to M-Files with the M-Files folders. This offers several additional features for saving messages:

  • You can save messages quickly and easily by dragging them to M-Files folders in Microsoft Outlook.
  • M-Files folders are automatically available to you in Microsoft Outlook if M-Files has been installed on your computer. Automatically used M-Files folders correspond to the M-Files vaults to which you have added a document vault connection.
  • The messages are always copied from their original folder in Microsoft Outlook: messages are not removed from their original Microsoft Outlook folder when you move them to the M-Files folder.
  • You can specify automatically populated metadata for each M-Files folder.

The functions described in this section are available in Microsoft Outlook versions 2016 and 2019, and in versions of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise that Microsoft supports.