Requirements for On-Premises to Cloud Migrations with Cloud Storage

When you plan to migrate on-premises vaults to M-Files Cloud, contact M-Files.

Before you create a replication package to cloud storage, read these requirements and restrictions.


The minimum software requirement for the on-premises M-Files Server is M-Files 2015.1. We recommend that M-Files Server uses the latest available version. For more information, refer to M-Files version compatibility regarding API and Replication.

The TLS 1.2 protocol must be used in the on-premises environment.

All scripts and custom code must be disabled in the vaults. Custom code is automatically removed from replication packages during import, unless your M-Files Cloud environment is an isolated service. The removed code includes these components:
Tip: After the migration to a shared M-Files Cloud environment, you can install signed vault applications and custom vault applications and scripts that M-Files has validated. In isolated services, code validation is not necessary.


These components cannot be transferred with replication:After the migration, user provisioning and authentication must be reconfigured in the M-Files Cloud vault.
Server-level configurations are not supported and cannot be migrated to M-Files Cloud. Server-level configurations can include these components:
  • Microsoft Windows registry settings
  • PowerShell scripts
  • Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler tasks
  • Custom Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers
  • Software installed to the local Microsoft Windows server