Adding Connections from M-Files Hubshare to M-Files

Note: You must have organization-level admin rights to do this.
Note: It is strongly recommended that you have gRPC in use in your M-Files Hubshare environment. If you do not have gRPC in use, the M-Files widgets might not operate correctly.

To add M-Files widgets in hubs, the M-Files extension must be active and at least one M-Files connection must be added for the extension. For more information about the connection configuration options and information about federated authentication and using certificates, refer to M-Files Integration in M-Files Hubshare in M-Files Customer Support Portal.

To activate the M-Files extension and add an M-Files connection:
  1. On the navigation bar, click the user icon and select Settings.
  2. Click Organization.
  3. Next to Extensions, click Configure.
    Result:The Extensions dialog opens.
  4. Enable the toggle in the Active column.
  5. Click Configure ().
    Result:The M-Files - Configurations dialog opens.
  6. Click New configuration.
    Result:The Configure dialog opens. In the dialog, the mandatory fields show an asterisk (*).
  7. In the General tab, enter the necessary information.
  8. Select the Authentication tab.
  9. In the Authentication tab, select the authentication option and enter the necessary information for it.
  10. Optional: If you selected the Use identity provider authentication option, click Connect and select the user account to which the configuration is connected.
    Result:The configuration is connected to the selected user account.
  11. Select the Security tab and enter the necessary information.
  12. Click Save.
The configuration is now ready to be used in an M-Files widget configuration.