Import Structure

On the Structure tab, you can see which features are set to be disabled in the imported structure. By default, external connections and new and changed scripts are disabled. To clear these selections, you must have the system administrator permissions.

New and changed scripts to disable

In a shared M-Files Cloud environment, users with the Full control of vault administrative rights can change the import behavior of the new and changed scripts that are set to be disabled. By default, the selected scripts are disabled only if they are unsigned. Unsigned scripts have not been validated by M-Files. In New and changed scripts to disable, select Always disable to set all the new and changed scripts to be disabled, including signed scripts.


In one-time import, the setting Import views with an older last modified date and time is available. Enable this setting to import views whose corresponding view in the target vault has been modified later than the view in the import package.

When you click OK, M-Files creates a report that shows all the changes to the target vault structure.