Workflow State Transition Permissions

You can access the state transition permissions by adding and selecting a state transition, clicking the Edit Transition... button and selecting the Permissions tab.


On the Permissions tab, you can specify which users are allowed to perform an explicit state transition.

Define permissions for changing state by means of state transitions.

The Select Users or User Groups dialog under the Add... button also contains the options User from metadata and User from state transition.

User from metadata

You can also use pseudo-users in state transitions. For example, you can specify that invoices must be accepted only by the project manager of the project linked to the invoice. In other words, you can specify users through metadata. Then the right to perform state transitions is not bound to a certain named person; it is instead determined dynamically on the basis of an object's metadata.

User from state transition

You can also select users on the basis of previous state transitions. You can specify that the document can be moved from the Approved state to Approval undone only by the user who originally moved the document into the Approved state.