Workflow State Transitions

Workflow state transitions are used for moving from one workflow state to another. The transitions can be intiated manually by users or triggered automatically by M-Files Server. They may also be set to require an Electronic Signatures.

The General tab

The General tab contains the name of the state transition as well as an optional description for the state transition.

The Electronic Signature tab

The Electronic Signature tab allows you to enable eSigning for a state transition. If enabled, an electronic signature must be signed by the user before the state transition is performed. See Electronic Signatures for more information.

The Trigger tab

On the Trigger tab, you can define conditions for automatic state transitions. See Trigger for more information.

The Advanced tab

On the Advanced tab, you can set an alias for the state transition. For more information about using aliases, see Associating the Metadata Definitions. Use semicolons (;) to separate many aliases.