Exporting Configurations

You can export vault-specific configurations to a file and use the export file to import configurations, for example, to another server computer.

Do the following steps to export configurations:

  1. Open M-Files Admin.
  2. In the left-side tree view, expand a connection to M-Files server.
  3. Expand Document Vaults.
  4. Expand a vault.
  5. Select Configurations.
  6. In the gray navigation area, expand the configurations that you want to export.
  7. In the gray navigation area, right-click a setting node and select Export to File... from the context menu.
    Result:The Save As dialog is opened.
  8. Specify a location and file name, and then click Save.
    Result:A confirmation dialog appears after the export is complete.
  9. Click OK.
The configurations are exported to the specified location.