Setting Up SSO in Private Cloud or On-Premises Environment

Note: You must have organization-level admin rights to do this.

In a private cloud or on-premises environment, you can set up SSO for internal and external user accounts. To do this:

  1. On the navigation bar, click the user icon and select Settings.
  2. Click Organization.
  3. Next to Single sign-on, click Manage Single sign-on.
    Result:The Single sign-on page is opened.
  4. Select the Internal users or External users tab.
  5. In the selected tab, select Enable.
  6. In Provider settings, enter the information.
    Result:A preview of the SSO login button is shown. The button is shown on the M-Files Hubshare login page of the organization when you save your configuration.
  7. Optional: If you are on the External users tab, the section User settings is shown. To enable M-Files Hubshare to automatically create new external user accounts:
    1. Enable Automatically create new users.
    2. In Default groups for automatically created users, select the user group that the new external user accounts are automatically added to.
    If this setting is not enabled, users without an M-Files Hubshare account cannot log in with SSO.
  8. In the identity protocol settings (OpenID settings or SAML 2.0 settings), enter the information.
    You can get this information from your SSO provider.
  9. Click Save.
The users can now log in with SSO.