Assign to user

Assignments are an important part of workflows. They transfer information and responsibility for task execution to the correct person automatically during a state transition. M-Files offers two types of assignments for use in connection with workflows.

By selecting Assign to User, you can create an assignment that does not result in a separate object. An assignment created with this option is switched to the "complete" state when one of the persons to whom the task was assigned changes the document state in the workflow (usually by moving the object to the next state).

Define the task in the Assignment dialog.

In the object's properties, you can see whom it has been assigned to, provided that the object is in a state to which an assignment is related. The person to whom the task was assigned can change the state by using the functions in the task area or metadata card or in the context menu.

Note: If a user creates the assignment, only this user and users with full control of the vault can edit the Assigned to property value. However, if the assignment is created through a workflow, only users with full control of the vault can edit the property value.