Setting Up DocuSign

Note: You must have organization-level admin rights to do this.

In M-Files Hubshare, you can request signatures and sign documents with DocuSign. For more information on how to use DocuSign, refer to DocuSign in the M-Files Hubshare user guide.

To set up DocuSign in M-Files Hubshare:

  1. On the navigation bar, click the user icon and select Settings.
  2. Click Organization.
  3. Next to Electronic document signing, click Configure.
    Result:The Electronic document signing page opens.
  4. In the General tab, select Enable.
  5. Next to Provider, select DocuSign.
  6. Go to DocuSign, and sign in.
  7. In DocuSign, click the user icon at the top right corner, and select Go to Admin.
  8. At the bottom left corner, in Integration, click API and Keys.
  9. Click Add Integrator Key.
  10. In App Description, enter a description and click Add.
  11. Copy the Integrator Key value from DocuSign and paste it to M-Files Hubshare.
  12. Copy the Redirect URI value from M-Files Hubshare and paste it to DocuSign.
  13. In DocuSign, click Add Secret Key and copy and paste the key to M-Files Hubshare.
  14. In DocuSign, click Add RSA Keypair and copy and paste the private key to M-Files Hubshare.
  15. In DocuSign, click OK and Save.
  16. In M-Files Hubshare, select Enable DocuSign Connect and click Save.
    When DocuSign Connect is enabled, the envelope statuses are automatically updated in M-Files Hubshare. The envelopes that contain more than one document are also automatically uploaded as a single PDF.
  17. Select the Users tab.
  18. In the Users tab, select the user accounts that can use DocuSign.
  19. Click Save.